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Top 10 Tips For New RIFT Players

By dkale On 19 Apr, 2012 At 09:42 PM | Categorized As !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Hot Topics!!, RIFT | With 1 Comment


Top 10 Tips For New RIFT Players

By Rafik Kazikhanov

Starting from 10 and going down to 1, today we are going to go over the top 10 tips  for new players of RIFT!


10. There is a lot to do in the world of Telara, but before you begin your adventures as an Ascended there is one important decision that you must make! Which faction will you swear your allegiance to? Will it be the Guardians, who place their hope for the world in the Vigil? Or will it be the Defiant, who refuse to place their beliefs in the gods, and instead place their hopes in the machines they create with their own sweat and blood? Whichever side you choose Ascended, know this: Each side fights to rid Telara of the evil that Regulos has consumed their world with (just not in the same way).


9. The adventures of an Ascended is glorious, and filled with many memories along the way, but in this respect it is an impossible task even for an Ascended to destroy the evil in Telara all by themselves. Remember, forge friendships, and make use of the newly added guild finder that was just implemented in the 1.8 patch. Alone you may stand for a while, but with a group of Ascended standing together against the evils that creep from the planes and into Telara, you are a force to be reckoned with!



8. Immerse yourself! Telara is a world filled with fascinating lore, rooted deep with a history of unrivaled heroism, and ancient magic that boggles the mind. Remember, there are books hidden all over the world of Telara, just waiting to be discovered and read by adventurers such as yourselves!


7. speaking of books, don’t forget, artifacts are strewn all across the world, just waiting for you to find them! Collect all the artifacts in a set and you will be rewarded for your endeavor with a special currency that can only be spent at an artifact collector NPC.


6. Follow the storyline quests and do as much of the quests in an area as you can! A lot of Ascended in Telara choose to skip quests and miss out on the progressing storyline of their character’s mission. They come back a lot of times when they are level 50, but because they haven’t followed throughout it is often confusing, and they have to figure out the requisites for certain quests so they can finish the storyline and earn achievements. This would never be as big of a problem if they just had done the quests in order!


5. Six brings us to something very important that a lot of players seem to miss out on: The journey. Everyone wants to get to level 50 as quickly as possible that they sometimes forget to enjoy the adventures between level 1-50. Yes, a lot of the really fun and amazing content comes at level 50… But why rush it? The storyline from level 1-50 is pure genius, and should be enjoyed. Take your time and look around once in a while. Be awed at the curving roads of Gloamwood, the high-snowy peaks of Iron Pine Peak, and enjoy the quite calm of beautiful cities such as Sanctom (sorry Defiants, this is indeed a Guardian speaking).


4. Crafting in the world of Telara was made very easy for the player. Some people might say too easy, but a lot of players feel that this a good thing! There is no need to mess around with a bunch of things! All you have to do is have the materials you need (which are by far, usually easier to get than in other mmos) and set yourself up by the machine associated with your crafting profession and create your masterpiece! With the newly added fishing and survival skills, crafting is even easier because there is no need to be by any machines when crafting using these two new skills!


3. Dungeons and raids, oh my! You will probably never have more fun in any dungeon or raid then the ones that RIFT has! You can tell that the developers and artists behind the dungeons and raids in RIFT are bringing their all to the table. The difficulty is balanced perfectly so if players want more of a challenge they can have it! And dungeons are so easy to jump into with the handy-dandy dungeon finder. The awesome part about this is there is cross-shard (server) interaction, so you might end up playing with 4 other players from completely different shards! And raids? They are pure hell! But it is the most rewarding experience you can have as a player once you complete your first ever raid in RIFT.  And the gear you obtain is very well worth the difficulty.


2. No, one of the most important things in all of RIFT was not forgotten! Rifts! They are the most amazing experience that you can have as a player. World and zone events take it further to make them even more challenging and fun. Community has never been more important in an mmo than when rifts are unleashed all across whole zones! The monsters of Regulos are always trying to break free to wreak havoc across Telara, but the Ascended are always ready to rise to the challenge!


1. You’re probably wondering what the number one tip is, right? Well it’s really quite simple: Have fun! There is so much to do in RIFT, that there is no possible way you can have a dull moment unless you are simply being an unmotivated sloth! There rifts, world events, zone events, dungeons, raids, crafting, artifact collecting, questing, instant adventuring, parallel versions of Telara to explore (slivers, but basically dungeon raids that show alternate time streams of Telara), and more is being added all the time! So come and just the ranks of the Ascended. There has never been a better time to join with the 1.8 patch just implemented.


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  1. Jessica says:

    Warriors tank, Rogues melee DPS, Clerics heal, and Mages magic DPS as always bttutt Warriors also have souls that help a lot with healing and DPSing, Rogues have magic DPS and tanking and maybe healing, Clerics can also both melee and magic DPS and tank, and Mages can tank and heal. Mhmmm. I think there are just less souls that do that though, so the trinity still applies just SO barely lol

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