Ecol Tactics Online Shows Tactical RPG MMO’s Battlefield Movement

Sunnyvale, Calif. (February 6, 2013) – Leading online game publisher GamesCampus (, today unleashes a second exciting video for their first browser title, Ecol Tactics Online!  A turn-based browser strategy game, Ecol Tactics takes its inspiration from hallmark tactical role-playing games with a depth of story and customization not found in typical browser games.  Players can sign up for an account at

“We wanted to give players who aren’t familiar with Tactical RPGs a quick idea of how easy it is to play Ecol Tactics Online, as these types of games are not typically found on PC,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online. “Veterans of the Tactical RPG genre are sure to be pleased how we’ve brought the classic gameplay of the titles they love right into a browser-based MMO!”

Check out the official “Basic Movement” trailer here:

The game gives players a quick run-through of how both movement on the battlefield, as well as where to end a turn, what direction to face, and even where allies are, can be critical to a win or a loss – especially in a tough battle when the player is quite outnumbered!  The video also demonstrates numerous abilities players will gain as they level up, from the smallest Fighter strike to some of the most powerful Archer, Mage, and  Cleric attacks that will take plenty of training to master!

Ecol Tactics Online is a full tactical MMORPG experience, right in your browser – no downloads required!  Control your character as you see fit; there’s no set class to get locked into.  Stuck on a quest?  No problem: just switch to a different class and try again, with absolutely no penalties.  No more staring at spreadsheets or watching a stamina cooldown renew; play the game at your pace!

With depth simply not found in a typical browser title, Ecol Tactics Online will blow away the competition when it launches in early 2013.  Players can find out where to scoop up a closed beta key official Facebook at  or Twitter at @EcolTactics.

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