gamigo acquires the North American license for Fiesta Online from US publisher Outspark

 gamigo Inc. has acquired substantial assets from the San Francisco based publisher, Outspark. The license of the successful online game, Fiesta Online, for the USA, Canada, and Mexico is to become a part of gamigo’s extensive online games portfolio.

gamigo Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of the fast growing gamigo AG, one of the leading European publishers of online games in the Free-to-Play market. Fiesta Online is already operated and marketed by gamigo in Europe (including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain). The acquisition of the North American license for Fiesta Online with over 1.2 million registered players means a substantial turnover growth as well as improvement in efficiency for marketing and game development. Fiesta Online is a very successful MMORPG and is very popular with its players thanks to its community features and gameplay. The purchase price is not to be released.

“It’s an amazing ending to Outspark, one of the earliest and greatest founders of the Free-to-Play MMO space” said Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark. “We’ve had a great time building up Outspark and gamigo will take the combined Fiesta to the next stage and build further onto the pioneer work that has been done by Outspark. We are happy to announce that also a substantial part of the team has joined gamigo, and will work from gamigo’s San Francisco office to manage and support the games.”

Due to this acquisition gamigo Inc. will be relocating its US office from New York to San Francisco and the staff will be increased. In parallel to this, gamigo will also increase its marketing efforts for its existing titles in North America. As well as Fiesta, the online games Cultures Online, King of Kings 3, Golfstar and Loong will especially be focused upon.

Patrick Streppel, Executive Board Member at gamigo, said: “The acquisition of the North American license of Fiesta Online is a big step for gamigo as part of our increased focus on our strongest titles. This will further strengthen our international position and generate further synergies. In addition, the already excellent co-operation with the Korean game developer Ons On Soft, of which gamigo AG holds a minority stake, will be further intensified.”

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About gamigo Inc.
gamigo Inc., is a 100% subsidiary of gamigo AG that was founded is 2001 and is one of the leading Free-to-Play MMOG publishers in Europe. From 2010 gamigo also began publishing its games globally. A team of more than 100 employees works in the group with its headquarters in Hamburg (Germany) and offices in Seoul (Korea) and New York City (USA). The key to gamigo’’s success is the emphasis on publishing high-quality games supervised by first-rate community management in combination with strong marketing and technology skills. The portfolio ranges from browser-based RPG to client MMORPG games.


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