History and Gaming Unite in Sparta War of Empires

09-sparta-war-of-empires-wallpaperSparta: War of Empires is a 2D browser-based strategy game based during the historical period of ancient Greece. Players’ main objectives are to govern a small-city state and grow it into a mighty empire with a little help from King Leonidas himself.
The game is set back in fifth century B.C., Greece. Players will take part in the war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire. Your duty is to guide the city where it will become a core place of resource and wealth. You will also need to command an army and protect the city from the Persians. The game will be a test to your management skills where you need to manage the three main resources: bronze, grain and timber. This increases productivity to construct farms and forges to support the city. This game depicts an image of Ancient Greece that is completely out of control. Under threat from Xerxes and his vast, Persian Empire, the game begins as entire cities crumble beneath the weight of his power and cruel intent. The player’s role is that of a fierce and fearless hero, who is not afraid to confront Xerxes and must battle, strategize and negotiate his way to success.
Sparta: War of Empires official site by Plarium is a MMO strategy game in which players are tasked to build their own city-state, upgrade structures, and expand its borders to gain important resources. In order to build a strong empire, players need to create a variety of military units to defend their own city and to conquer other cities for more wealth and resources. Military units have different ranks which are composed by defensive and offensive military units. The use of strategies and tactics that match your own playing style are very important in this kind of game. The game itself gives players tasks and objectives that must be completed in order to grow the small city into a mighty force.01-sparta-war-of-empires
Sparta: War of Empires Key Features:
● High Quality Graphics and Audio with Fully Voiced Tutorials
● Traditional browser-based strategy gameplay with emphasis on PvP
● Set in Ancient Greece with familiar historical characters like King Leonidas
● Real time interface
From time to time, a game comes along that can transcend its genre and primary platforms. While this may be increasingly rare in an age of cross-platform gaming and accessible libraries, there remains some that appeal to a mass global market.
This is where the MMO element of this game comes into play, as the title is set in a world of battles and wars, a sharp tongue and the barbs of diplomacy can prove to be the equal of the blades of conflict. Upon seeking guidance from the great but fading King Leonidas, each player should develop their own critical and strategic thinking to the point where they can build a motivated and collaborative army. It is this that will enable each player to compete with the mighty ferocity of Xerxes’ army, and hopefully reclaim a region for its honest and hard-working people.

The key to success lies in alliances and collaboration, through the collective resources of each player, together you build your own city with other players and train an engaged army of like-minded gamers. This underlines the need to choose your allegiances wisely, as only the most trusted battlefield collaborators can be trusted against the might of Xerxes and his cohorts.
If collaboration is the keyword, the main question is whether or not Sparta is for you. While there is enough action and combat to satisfy most, the game revolves primarily around diplomacy and a level of strategic thinking that may surprise some. Perhaps you should visit the website to discover more, and see whether you have the critical thinking skills to save Ancient Greece.

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