NEW Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War Update FOR CABAL 2 MMO

cabal2dDarkness and cheer are heading to Ektensia this holiday season as CABAL 2 rolls down the chimney with a new update which includes a new raid and a limited-time event that adds some Holiday cheer destruction. The update, as well as the REINDEER RAMPAGE event, are live now.
Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War Update

The new Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War update will offer champions and their allies a brand new 24-player raid against the deadliest and fiercest creatures in the dungeons of Ektensia. Players will team up to fight against 12 waves of gruesome monsters, each wave becoming progressively harder as the battle rages on.

To add more incentive, new powerful rewards, such as the new Azure Night and Azure Night Nightmare gear set are also available as part of the update.

‘Tis the Season for REINDEER RAMPAGE

While the Gray Canyon Defense War will wage on beyond just this month, for a limited time festive decorations will adorn the lands and dungeons of CABAL 2 (until Dec. 28).  Season’s greeters will also want to take part in the treacherous free holiday REINDEER RAMPAGE event.

Players will need their skill to protect Ektensia from the nefarious Reindeer, which will invade Frey Hilltown, Desertfort, Labyrinth Forest and Gray Canyon, offering the brave a chance to battle the adorable and deadly reindeer and collect giant sacks of presents and treasure!

The Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War update, and REINDEER RAMPAGE are both live today! Full details on the updates can be found at:

Full details on the Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War update can be found at:
Full details on REINDEER RAMPAGE can be found at:

About CABAL 2
CABAL 2 features combat that is fluid and skill-based, but also offers all the depth and strategy players would expect from a genuine MMO experience. Designed by passionate MMO gamers for fans of the genre, the game’s fast-paced combat and focus on role-playing game (RPG) elements harken back to classic MMOs.
Evolving from the wildly-successful  CABAL Online, which hosts nearly 30 million users from more than 60 countries around the world,  CABAL 2 is a high-fantasy MMO for PC which combines deep, immersive RPG elements with epic skill-based battles. This next chapter in the  CABAL series bring a unique style of gameplay sure to appeal to players who are both nostalgic for the classic MMOs of the past, but also still enjoy the technical advancements of modern PC gaming.

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