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MMO Writers Wanted - MMOHall.com

MMO Writers Wanted – MMOHall.com

Are you a passionate MMO gamer?


Post content about your favorite game or gaming topic on our site and receive the following:


  1. Street Cred – By sending us a great well-researched article on your favorite game(s) or gaming-related topic you’ll receive fantastic visibility and street credibility by gaming companies, industry executives and fellow gamers.
  2. Promotional Opportunity – Not only will you be promoting your favorite game and telling everyone how great the game is, but you’ll be promoting yourself. The MMO Hall of Fame also looks terrific on a resume.
  3. Massive Reach – In addition to street cred and promotional opportunities, you’ll receive access to our large audience every time one of your articles is featured on our website.
  4. Build a Following – The more articles you write for the MMO Hall of Fame, the bigger your following will be and your integrity will increase within the gaming industry.

How do you get started?

Here are three steps you need to follow:

  1. First, you’ll need to subscribe to the website. Go to the bottom left corner of the HOMEPAGE, type in your e-mail and submit.
  2. Email us your contact information (include your resume if possible) to mmohof@gmail.com and place MMO WRITER in the Subject Line. Your contact info must include: full name, mailing address, phone, and games or topics you’d like to cover for the website.
  3. E-mail us a short bio and photo of yourself.


All articles must be original unpublished content, edited for grammar and spelling and include a few images.

* MMO Hall of Fame reserves the right to alter for clarity, delete, edit, feature or not accept an article.

If you currently own or write for another gaming site and would like to include links to your page or site in your article, you must also include a link back to www.mmohall.com on your site as well. If we do not receive a link back, we have the right to edit the link out of your article as well.

Not all submissions will be published. If we receive multiple submissions on the same subject matter, the best one will be selected. If inappropriate language is used, the article will be edited, returned for editing or not used at all.

Thank you very much for sharing your gaming knowledge with us and being a part of our community.

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  1. Shirley says:

    OMG plz put the word out there for spiral kntgihs!needs a larger player basekids, imagine zelda meets diablo.instanced multiplayer dungeon running!its pretty dang fun

  2. Doug, let me know if what kind of stuff you need and I will try and help.

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