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By dkale On 29 Jan, 2015 At 09:23 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, TERA | With No Comments

Claim a Castle in the Clouds – Skycastle Guild Housing System Coming to TERA on February 24 En Masse Entertainment Announces New Guild Housing System, 5v5 Battleground, Airship Dungeon and More in First Major Update to TERA: Fate of Arun Expansion En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and exceptional service, […]

DDO pic 3

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) has just done their 24th Update with Heart of Madness. What an amazing way to end the year. In Heart of Madness you get to battle demon lords, mindflayers and tons of beholders. The insanity of the outer realms is right in the comfort of your own PC. As awesome […]

By dkale On 18 Jan, 2015 At 10:31 AM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, World of Tanks | With No Comments

Get Personal with New World of Tanks Mission System Personalized campaign setup and unique in-game rewards available to all players Wargaming today announced the all new personal mission system for the free-to-play online action game World of Tanks is now live worldwide. The intricate system gives tankers the opportunity to personalize their mission experience by […]

By dkale On 8 Dec, 2014 At 11:57 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, iRacing | With Comments Off

So, what exactly is an MMO? By Eric Bloom (Lead Vocalist of the rock band, Blue Oyster Cult) This very same subject came up years ago when I was writing for Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer (MOG).  I drove up to’s home base in New England when they were first getting started to interview the […]

By dkale On 7 Dec, 2014 At 06:19 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Elvenar | With Comments Off

InnoGames uncovers additional information today on the visuals and gameplay of its latest strategic city-builder Elvenar. The information reveals distinct differences between the two playable races, Humans and Elves. Especially on how they differ aesthetically – in the way their cities look and feel. Gameplay-wise, both have access to similar features in terms of city-building […]

By dkale On 7 Dec, 2014 At 05:25 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, MMO Games | With Comments Off

By Ben Johnson The world of multiplayer online gaming is always shifting and expanding to include new games along with updates on existing classics and even entire new genres. Just recently, we did a write-up of Dorado Games’ release of a gladiator combat-based MMO. Based loosely on the STARZ television series “Spartacus,” which dramatizes the […]

By dkale On 27 Nov, 2014 At 09:25 AM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Gladiators Online | With Comments Off

Permadeath combat management game makes players the owner of a gladiator team in ancient Rome Dorado Games, the Malta-based games developer (, has just beta released its newest massively multiplayer game across all browsers, after two months of fruitful stealth mode early access development with the community. Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor brings the thrill […]

By dkale On 26 Nov, 2014 At 05:38 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Lost Saga | With Comments Off

Leading Korean Publisher Brings MMO Brawler To The Platform Today Toronto, Canada – November 125, 2014 – Last year Smilegate West, North American publisher of the worldwide FPS phenomenon CrossFire, decided to expand their online distribution methods by submitting their MMO action brawler Lost Saga to the Steam Greenlight Program. After being greenlit by the […]

By dkale On 26 Nov, 2014 At 05:45 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Heroes of Newerth | With Comments Off

The Heroes of Newerth China team has pieced together a whopping 526,732 piece LEGO replica of its fan-favorite, five vs. five map, Forests of Caldavar. The map, which took 29 days, 30 people, and nearly 250 sets of L10664 LEGOs to construct, measures in at 256 cm x 256 cm and is slated to be […]

By dkale On 13 Nov, 2014 At 11:40 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Miscellaneous, MMO Games, MU Online | With Comments Off
MU Online_Season 9 Update

WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, has announced the release of Season 9, MU Online’s latest content update. After the scheduled maintenance on November 11th, players will be able to experience newly updated features, a wide screen mode and in-game setting changes along with the Season 9 update. Season 9 introduces the […]

By dkale On 3 Nov, 2014 At 10:58 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature | With Comments Off

Silence Ninja Gameplays recently posted an awesome video compilation of upcoming MMOs for 2015.  Check out their video. After watching the game play snipets, MMO Hall of Fame would like to hear from YOU, the gamers. Which game looks most interesting to you and why? Give us your honest opinions.           […]

By dkale On 12 Jun, 2014 At 11:42 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, World of Tanks | With Comments Off
WoT centurion

Wargaming today announced the addition of a new game mode in World of Tanks. The new World Football Championship game mode will be available from June 12 through July 13, offering players a custom sport tank, special achievements and all new team-based, football themed gameplay. The World Football Championship mode features 7-minute 3 vs 3 […]

By dkale On 12 Jun, 2014 At 11:54 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Tanki Online | With Comments Off

Company responsible for the 3D Action Game that is a success in Europe will make its debut at the Largest Game Show of Latin America AlternativaPlatform, one of the leading massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) studios in Russia and the developer of the game Tanki Online, will make its debut at Brasil Game Show (BGS) […]

By dkale On 14 Apr, 2014 At 09:23 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Monkey King Online | With Comments Off

Publisher R2Games follows up the browser MMORPG’s three-week Alpha Test with new features, a refined user experience, and permanent player characters. Global game publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) proudly announced today that after the Alpha Test concludes at 7:00 AM PDT, Monkey King Online will proceed immediately to Open Beta. R2Games invites players to create […]

By dkale On 5 Apr, 2014 At 12:43 AM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Elder Scrolls Online | With Comments Off

Elder Scrolls Online: Beginning of Day 4 By Eric Bloom So far I’ve rolled four characters, all Imperial.  I didn’t care for the rogue-type character, the Nightblade.  I rarely play them in other games and I find the same here.  I almost always play casters.  I haven’t read up on boards like I should.  I […]

By dkale On 4 Apr, 2014 At 11:17 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Elder Scrolls Online | With Comments Off
Elder Scrolls Online Launch

Elder Scrolls Online:  Launch Day for the 5-day advance. By Eric Bloom   After playing in 3 different beta weekends I had a pretty good idea what to expect at launch and hopeful all glitches and bugs have been smoothed away. Launch was at 7 a.m. Eastern Sunday morning. I got to my PC at […]

By dkale On 22 Mar, 2014 At 12:18 AM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, C9 | With Comments Off

  WEBZEN, a global leader in next-generation free-to-play games, unleashes the NIGHTSTALKER; a brand new advanced class for the dungeon-based MMORPG, CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9). Wielding powerful summoning and absorbing attacks, this newest advanced class for the WITCHBLADE is now available to all players.   NIGHTSTALKER is a mid-range class that can perform […]

By dkale On 2 Mar, 2014 At 05:20 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Tales Runner | With Comments Off
Tales Runner Screenshot

Challenge your friends and race through your favorite fairy tales in this fun and social MMO! OGPlanet is pleased to announce that the fast-paced, racing MMO, Tales Runner, will be coming to OGPlanet this spring. Tales Runner’s first beta test is set for March 20th and players can begin signing up to participate in the […]

By dkale On 23 Feb, 2014 At 03:27 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Drakensang Online | With Comments Off
Drakensang Myrdosch Artwork

 Bigpoint announces the launch of Drakensang Online in Taiwan in Mandarin language. The multi-award-winning online RPG was introduced to the island in cooperation with Cube Magic Inc., the tier-one web game publisher in Taiwan.Bigpoint is the first Western gaming company to enter a publishing cooperation with Cube Magic. With six million online gamers, the publisher […]

By dkale On 23 Feb, 2014 At 03:31 PM | Categorized As !Gaming News, !MMO Highlights, !Special Feature, Ragnarok 2 | With Comments Off
Ragnarok 2 Woe Guardian

WarpPortal is proud to announce their latest update to Ragnarok Online 2: Advent of Valkyrie, titled War of Emperium 1.5. WoE 1.5 will challenge players in a capture the flag type guild vs. guild combat with multiple points of contention, for big rewards. Update is currently live, for more details on this and other Ragnarok […]

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