Hall of Fame Committee
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The Votes  and the Voting Committee

The MMO Hall of Fame Voting Committee consists of 10 people from within the gaming industry. Each member of the Voting Committee gets to vote on 5 different MMO games they believe represent a landmark in the massively multiplayer online gaming world. Votes from all 10 members are then tabulated and the games that received at least 60% of the votes are then enshrined in the Hall.
Here’s a list of the people who voted (listed in alphabetical order):
Names will be announced very soon…
  • Richard Aihoshi, MMORPG.com’s Free Zone columnist.
  • Eric Bloom, Lead Vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult and longtime MMO gamer and writer
  • J. Allen Brack, Production Director of World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Linda Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment
  • Todd Coleman, VP and Creative Director of KingsIsle (Wizard101)
  • Sulka Haro, Chief Design Officer at MakieLab
  • Carolyn Koh, writer and columnist of MMO-related websites and publications
  • Gordon Walton, VP and Executive Producer at Playdom
  • Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO and Founder of Infernum Productions
  • Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Labs Software

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