2015 Hall of Fame
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MMO Hall of Fame - 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees Have Been Announced!

MMO Hall of Fame – 2015

The 2015 Votes  and the Nominating Committee

The 2015 MMO Hall of Fame Nominating Committee consists of 10 people from within the gaming industry. They include:


    • Andreas Weidenhaupt (CEO of Infernum Productions)
    • Carolyn Koh (MMO Games Writer and Columnist)
    • Carsten van Husen (CEO of Gameforge)
    • Eric Bloom (Lead Vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult and longtime MMO gamer)
    • J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director of Shadowbane, Wizard101, Pirate101 and Crowfall)
    • Jane Yun (Global PR Manager, WEBZEN)
    • Mark Hill (Senior Manager, Perfect World Entertainment)
    • Richard Vogel (President, Battle Cry Studios, A Division of Bethesda Softworks)
    • Terri Perkins (Legal Compliance Director, Funcom)
    • William Murphy (Managing Editor, MMORPG.com)


The 2015 MMO Hall of Fame votes have been tallied and the results are as follows:


Anarchy Online – 60% of the votes (2015 Inductee)


Lineage 2 – 60% of the votes (2015 Inductee)

Second Life – 50% of the votes

Maple Story – 40% of the votes

Pirates of the Burning Sea – 40% of the votes

Toontown Online – 40% of the votes

Age of Conan – 30% of the votes

A Tale in the Desert – 30% of the votes

AION – 30% of the votes

Champions Online – 30% of the votes

Habbo – 30% of the votes

League of Legends – 30% of the votes

Metin 2 – 30% of the votes

Puzzle Pirates – 30% of the votes

Club Penguin – 20% of the votes

Dark Ages – 20% of the votes

Dungeons & Dragons – 20% of the votes

Everquest Adventures – 20% of the votes

Jumpgate – 20% of the votes

MU Online – 20% of the votes

Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds – 20% of the votes

Perfect World – 20% of the votes

Ragnarok Online – 20% of the votes

Runes of Magic – 20% of the votes

The Realm Online – 20% of the votes

Warhammer Online – 20% of the votes

MMO Hall of Fame


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