2012 Hall of Fame
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The 2012 Votes  and the Voting Committee

The 2012 MMO Hall of Fame Voting Committee consists of 10 people from within the gaming industry. They include (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Richard Aihoshi, MMORPG.com’s Free Zone columnist.
  • Eric Bloom, Lead Vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult and longtime MMO gamer and writer
  • J. Allen Brack, Production Director of World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Linda Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment
  • Todd Coleman, VP and Creative Director of KingsIsle (Wizard101)
  • Sulka Haro, Chief Design Officer at MakieLab
  • Carolyn Koh, writer and columnist of MMO-related websites and publications
  • Gordon Walton, VP and Executive Producer at Playdom
  • Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO and Founder of Infernum Productions
  • Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Labs Software

The 2012 votes have been tabulated and the results are in!

2012 MMO Hall of Fame Vote Percentages

Ultima Online (1997)100%
World of Warcraft (2004)80%
EverQuest (1999)70%
Lineage (1998)60%
EVE Online (2003)60%
Toontown (2003)50%
Meridan 59 (1996)50%
Runescape (2004)40%
MapleStory (2005)40%
Dark of Age of Camelot (2001)40%
Puzzle Pirates (2003)40%
A Tale in the Desert (2006)30%
City of Heroes (2004)30%
Guild Wars (2005)30%
Asheron's Call (1999)30%
Club Penguin (2005)30%
Nexus (1996)20%
Ragnarok (2002)20%
EverQuest II (2004)20%
Second Life (2003)20%
Habbo (2000)20%
Fantasy Westward Journey (2004)10%
Final Fantasy (2003)10%
Planetside (2003)10%
Shadowbane (2003)10%
Lineage 2 (2004)10%
Dofus (2005)10%
Travian (2004)10%
Island of Kesmai (MUD) (1985)10%
Dungeons & Dragons Online (2006)10%
Anarchy Online (2001)10%
Star Wars Galaxies (2003)10%


* Games must receive at least 60% of the votes to be inducted.

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  1. Petrônio says:

    Não teve jogo melhor para mim no mundo que o Última Online, se existisse servidores com muitos players não tenho dúvida que ainda estaria jogando…

  2. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thank you

  3. woigs says:

    I hate to tell you guys this but who ever made this page obviously doesn’t know math. You guys should really fix those percentages so they total 100%.

    • dkale says:

      Thank you for your interest on our MMO Hall of Fame. Everyone voted for their top 5 games. Some games did not get selected by everyone, therefore 100% votes was not possible. We did list the ones that did receive 80% of the vote and there were several that tied for that percentage.
      Let us know if you’d also be interested in writing about MMO games for our website.
      Thank you again,

  4. Tommy says:

    How does WoW beat both everquest, DaoC and Eve online?

    WoW brought nothing new to the genre, other than an astronomical amount of teen-agers.

    in contrast:
    everquest was the first 1st person MMO (remember how initially you couldn’t do the shoulder cam thing at all?)

    DAoC: first MMO to streamline PvP into a codified system other than simply ganking each other on PvP servers and duelling on non pvp ones, introducing sieges, and realm wide rewards for succeeding in large scale PvP.

    Eve: the sandbox, a player run economy like no other MMO has managed before or since, player groups claiming areas, and defending thema gainst other groups.

    In comparision WoW brought… token driven loot, lowered the standard for raiding, by implementing several player made raid mods into the game, making raids less attention requiring.

    WwoW is not a bad game, mind you, but I’ve always been boggled by the amount of people who know of none of the things that came before wow, and refuse to acknowledge it at all.

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