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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher:  Sony Online Entertainment
Launched: 2007
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Pay status:  Subscription

Vendetta Online
Developer: Guild Software
Publisher:  Guild Software
Launched: 2004
Genre: Science Fiction
Pay status:  Free-to-Play

Victory – The Age of Racing
Developer: Vae Victis Srl
Publisher:  GamersFirst
Launched: in Beta
Genre: Racing
Pay status:  Free-to-Play

Developer: DevCat
Publisher:  Nexon
Launched: 2010
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Pay status:  Free-to-Play

Voyage Century
Developer: Snail Games
Publisher:  IGG
Launched: 2007
Genre: Sailing Fantasy RPG
Pay status:  Free-to-Play

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