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MMO Gaming Glossary

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AFK – This acronym means away from keyboard.
Aggro – This term is short for aggravate or aggressive. It refers to the area near the NPC that triggers the NPC to attack you. Some players also refer aggro as a hate or threat.
ALT – This is an abbreviation for alternative character.
Buffs – This is a positive effect to increase your character’s powers, speed, health points, defense and damage output.
Crit – This term is an abbreviation for critically hit or scoring a critical hit.
Debuffs – This effect is usually negative and reduces a player’s hit points, speed, resistance, defense or health.
F2P – This acronym refers to free-to-play MMO games.
FPS – This represents a first person shooter type of game.
Ganked – This term refers to a more experienced (higher level) player that gangs up and attacks or kills another less experienced (lower level) player in the game. It’s also referred to as a gang kill.
MMO (aka MMOG) – This is the acronym for massive or (massively) multiplayer online games.
MMOFPS – This is a massive multiplayer online first person shooter game.
MMOR – This refers to a massive multiplayer online racing game.
MMORPG – This is an acronym for massive multiplayer online role playing games.
MMORTS – This is a massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game.
MUD – The acronym refers to an older term known as multi-user dungeon or multi-user dimension. These are massive multiplayer games that were played in the 1980s and were mainly text-based. Players interacted with each other by typing in commands in the game.
NPC – This acronym is a non-player character (not under the control of the player) that usually delivers a message or quest.
PvE – This means player versus the environment.
PvP – This means player versus player.
RTS – The acronym refers to real-time strategy games.
XP – This acronym represents experience points.

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