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DDO pic 3

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) has just done their 24th Update with Heart of Madness. What an amazing way to end the year. In Heart of Madness you get to battle demon lords, mindflayers and tons of beholders. The insanity of the outer realms is right in the comfort of your own PC. As awesome […]

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Get Personal with New World of Tanks Mission System Personalized campaign setup and unique in-game rewards available to all players Wargaming today announced the all new personal mission system for the free-to-play online action game World of Tanks is now live worldwide. The intricate system gives tankers the opportunity to personalize their mission experience by […]

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So, what exactly is an MMO? By Eric Bloom (Lead Vocalist of the rock band, Blue Oyster Cult) This very same subject came up years ago when I was writing for Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer (MOG).  I drove up to’s home base in New England when they were first getting started to interview the […]

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InnoGames uncovers additional information today on the visuals and gameplay of its latest strategic city-builder Elvenar. The information reveals distinct differences between the two playable races, Humans and Elves. Especially on how they differ aesthetically – in the way their cities look and feel. Gameplay-wise, both have access to similar features in terms of city-building […]

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Permadeath combat management game makes players the owner of a gladiator team in ancient Rome Dorado Games, the Malta-based games developer (, has just beta released its newest massively multiplayer game across all browsers, after two months of fruitful stealth mode early access development with the community. Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor brings the thrill […]

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Silence Ninja Gameplays recently posted an awesome video compilation of upcoming MMOs for 2015.  Check out their video. After watching the game play snipets, MMO Hall of Fame would like to hear from YOU, the gamers. Which game looks most interesting to you and why? Give us your honest opinions.           […]

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WoT centurion

Wargaming today announced the addition of a new game mode in World of Tanks. The new World Football Championship game mode will be available from June 12 through July 13, offering players a custom sport tank, special achievements and all new team-based, football themed gameplay. The World Football Championship mode features 7-minute 3 vs 3 […]

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  WEBZEN, a global leader in next-generation free-to-play games, unleashes the NIGHTSTALKER; a brand new advanced class for the dungeon-based MMORPG, CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9). Wielding powerful summoning and absorbing attacks, this newest advanced class for the WITCHBLADE is now available to all players.   NIGHTSTALKER is a mid-range class that can perform […]

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Drakensang Myrdosch Artwork

 Bigpoint announces the launch of Drakensang Online in Taiwan in Mandarin language. The multi-award-winning online RPG was introduced to the island in cooperation with Cube Magic Inc., the tier-one web game publisher in Taiwan.Bigpoint is the first Western gaming company to enter a publishing cooperation with Cube Magic. With six million online gamers, the publisher […]

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Ragnarok 2 Woe Guardian

WarpPortal is proud to announce their latest update to Ragnarok Online 2: Advent of Valkyrie, titled War of Emperium 1.5. WoE 1.5 will challenge players in a capture the flag type guild vs. guild combat with multiple points of contention, for big rewards. Update is currently live, for more details on this and other Ragnarok […]

Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online and Wizard101 Make the 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Class   MMO Hall of Fame, an online museum for massively multiplayer online games, today announced that five new MMO games will be enshrined into the hallowed virtual walls of   PLANO, TX (Feb. 11, 2014) – The […]

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Award-Winning Developer brings the ultimate AAA free-to-play online racing game to PCs in 2014 Slightly Mad Studios, the critically acclaimed developer known for their pedigree in racing video games, today unveiled World of Speed, a AAA massively multiplayer online arcade racing video game. World of Speed will be available in 2014 as a free-to-play experience […]

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Universe Rush is an intense MMO-strategy that combines space battles, beautiful graphics, long-term strategic multiplayer in a changing environment that delivers an exciting experience. RushLabs, publisher of Universe Rush had this to say about the game. “At the moment we designed Universe Rush for tablets, inviting gamers to suspend reality by remaining constantly in play. Mobile […]

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Guild is an important team work system for players to assemble power fighting with Monsters in Alfhein Tales Online, the 3D micro-client-based MMORPG operated exclusively by Ray Media Group Ltd. It is also one of the ways for players strengthen skills. The more powerful guilds often represent more strength of their members. It is a […]

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MU Online -

WHAT: MU HARVEST MADNESS START DATE: November 6, 2013 at 11:00 am (Global Server Time) END DATE: November 20, 2013 at 5:00 pm (GST) DETAILS: A new harvest has dawned in the legendary continent of MU, which means it’s time for players to reap the rewards! During MU HARVEST MADNESS, all four servers (Valhalla, Helheim, Midgard and Yggdrasil) […]

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Merc Elite -

Bigpoint, a leading global developer and publisher of online games, is revealing exclusive details today on the Heavy Gunner – the second of five playable classes in the forthcoming blockbuster Merc Elite. The world’s first military-themed MOBA game (multiplayer online battle arena) is set to be launched in autumn 2013 as a free-to-play browser title. […]

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Dragon's Prophet -

The time to CAPTURE, TRAIN, RIDE and FIGHT hundreds of dragons has arrived! Infernum Productions and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) today announced the launch of one of the largest dragon-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) games ever created in Europe and North America. In this free-to-play MMO, players fight alongside and against hundreds of unique dragons that roam the land, […]

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RuneScape -

Super September will be storming into RuneScape offering players an onslaught of demanding daily challenges where no heroic deed will go unnoticed! Each and every day of the month there will be a new Super Challenge for RuneScape members to tackle, taking on many forms to test even the hardiest of heroes. From crushing enemies […]

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Kingdom Of Knights has launched its kickstarter program. This ambitious castle-building MMORTS is seeking to make the final push towards a 2013 release! The kickstarter program will be offering exclusive in-game rewards such as banners/flags for supporters, digital paintings, beta access and in-game store credit. You can find it here. Created by Animus Interactive and […]

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Firefall -

New Trailer Reveals Dynamic Events, Combat Rewards and More! Red 5 Studios today released a brand new gameplay trailer for Firefall to accompany the announcement that players can visit Firefall live at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany. Currently in its first stage of Open Beta testing, Firefall delivers unique skill-based vertical combat in a futuristic sci-fi universe. This year at Gamescom Red […]

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